Nashville Artist Development University Mission Statement

To rid the world of starving artists by educating and developing Elite Artist Professionals.

(When you act like one you’ll earn like one).

“After spending two years following this program we ended up with an incredible EP, a deal with Ken Levitan (Vector Management) and Kid Rock.  We also found ourselves opening up for Kid Rock on his national tour.  What an incredible journey this has been so far.  Thank you Jason!” 

– Sweet Tea Trio

“When I started out on my own, I ended up OWING the bar money at the end of the night.  I worked my way up to $500 a night, but that was it.  So I made a change.  I signed up, worked hard and followed the program.  I just received two new offers at $2500 each.  Just do what these guys tell you to do.”

– Kevin McCoy

Our 12 Pillar Education Program

Supporting ALL of the aspects of your music career

  • Songwriting

  • Personal Development

  • Support Team

  • Instrument & Vocal Training

  • Studio & Recording

  • Branding

  • Social Promotion

  • Business & Revenue

  • Live Performance

  • Touring

  • Release & Radio

  • Networking and Relationship Building

What makes Nashville Artist Development University so different?

We are a community of full-time and aspiring career artists that help one another on this musical journey. We educate, guide, and encourage our artists through group webinars, an extensive online education series, and a personal Tribe Leader that individually helps each artist on their journey to a lifelong career in music.

Jason Wyatt

Nashville Producer and former lead singer for the four time Top 40 Billboard charting band The Lost Trailers, Jason Wyatt is a music veteran that recently coached the group “Sweet Tea Trio” to a management deal and tour with Kid Rock.  A husband and father of 4, Jason knows exactly what it takes to find success in the music business while also finding success and fulfillment in his personal life.

Kory Brunson

Former Insurance and Financial advisor turned full time musician, now an 18 year career veteran Artist.  A husband and father of 2, Kory shares a unique perspective on what it takes to structure the Business and Revenue side of your career as well as being on the road while managing a healthy and fulfilling home life.

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The best thing you can ever do is INVEST IN YOURSELF.  However, most artists that come to us have one of two stories.  1 – They’ve spent $150k+ on a standard music degree.  They have a lot of good head knowledge, but are still struggling to plug into the real world of the music business.  2 – They’ve been on what appears to be the ‘cheaper’ Go It Alone program.  However, they’ve already wasted several years and thousands of dollars on recordings, videos and other marketing efforts that have taken them no where.

NADU provides a low cost, high value, community oriented program that teaches you about what happens in the real world of the music business and how to create and sustain a long term, healthy career.

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