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WELCOME!  Thank you for taking time to research our Annual Tuition and Pricing Plans.  We’d like to take an opportunity to share with you why we exist and why this program is such a tremendous value to Artists.


Often we see Artists rush into their career similar to how an inexperienced builder might rush to build a house by nailing boards into the dirt!  The house is built quickly so that friends can admire the beautiful walls and paint, but it soon crumbles due to a lack of foundation.  Although no one ever takes the time to admire or compliment a ‘beautiful foundation’, without it the house falls.

At NADU we help Artists speed up their progress by actually slowing down and taking the time to build a firm foundation for their career to stand on.


Similarly, we’ve seen thousands of Artists graduate high school (or simply come to a point in their lives where they’ve made a decision) and move to Nashville to “pursue their dreams!”

The first 6 months is wonderful.  A honeymoon.  They’re meeting new people and having new experiences.  It’s all fresh and exciting.

However, after about 2 – 3 years of trying the same things over and over and getting no results, the crushing grind (and lack of money) is just too much and they quit.  Often bitter about the music business and sadly, music itself.  How heartbreaking it is to watch this tragedy play out over and over in people’s lives unnecessarily.

It’s SO much better for these Artists to spend their high school years (or their time in their hometown) educating themselves on the actual in’s and out’s of the music business.  Learning how to build Branding Decks, EPKs, launching an actual business structure, learning how to monetize songs in film & sync, etc.  So that by the time they want to make the ‘big move’ they are ready and know exactly what to do.  OR…they simply stay in their hometown and dominate the market!

Either way, the upfront education, experience and our focus on Personal Development helps Artists avoid this ‘very common’ mistake so that they can stay healthy and in love with music their entire lives.

A note from NADU Co-Founder:  KORY BRUNSON

“Before launching my music career, I owned an Insurance Agency.  When I started, the insurance company gave me extensive training, a clear path to success.  Artists don’t receive that.  They’re left on their own with no guidance.  It’s lonely, time consuming, scattered, frustrating and very expensive as they tend to waste a lot of money on ‘trial and error’ sometimes spending thousands on recordings and video productions (or years writing hundreds of songs) then having no plan or path apply and monetize those resources.  The money is spent and the years are gone forever.

Most high‐end music colleges cost about $50,000 per year.  Often students rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and continue to struggle to attain a “real life” working knowledge of the Music Industry post‐graduation.  Also, Artists who are ‘testing’ to see if they truly want this as a lifelong career path spend years away from home and pay a lot of money to discover the answer.

Nashville Artist Development University was established to solve these problems by providing our Artists with the personal Guidance they need, a superior (real-­‐world) fully encompassing Education, connections into the Music Industry as well as a Community of fellow Artists from around the world to walk with them on their musical journey.

Now, Artists have a clear / affordable path that they can follow as well as personal guidance along the way.”

ANNUAL TUITION: $4764 each year (0% student financing – $397/mo.)

IF PAID UP FRONT IN FULL: $3970 each year (Two months free, saves $794 – avg of $331/mo.)

How long is the process?

It depends on the Artist.  Most will spend several years in the program (average of 4 years, similar to a standard University).  Some may be quicker depending on their previous experience and how much time they can commit.  Many choose to stay connected to our Community and Resources ongoing…

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*All price data is sourced from the 2018/2019 U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics survey.


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if approved you will be contacted to schedule your personal Zoom interview with NADU Co-Founders Jason Wyatt and Kory Brunson (parent must be present if under 18).

Thank you!

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