New Artist – Information & Syllabus


Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in Nashville Artist Development University.

Every young artist has their own unique set of talents, skills, visions, dreams and ambitions to thrive in their personal musical journey.  Your child has potential that you want to foster and grow.  They have something to give to the world and there is a world of opportunity that they want to experience.

There are a few select, “gifted” children that have the raw talent, passion and drive to pursue their dreams.  However, often neither they nor their parents have a solid understanding about the actual music business or a plan for “what to do next”?

A standard 4 year degree from a major music school costs between $150,000 and $200,000.  More importantly, many times students graduate holding a very expensive piece of paper yet still struggle to apply what they’ve learned toward building a viable music career in the real world while suddenly and simultaneously being required to service and maintain this massive amount of new debt. (Which bankruptcy does not eliminate)

What we see most often is talented young people ‘setting out’ to pursue their dream with unbridled passion and optimism only to get caught in the very expensive and frustrating ‘doom loop’ of trial and error.  They work hard every day, wasting money on things that don’t really “move the needle”, often trying the same process over and over, crossing their fingers and hoping that if they can just sing and play good enough, someday something will change…”someday”.

They waste thousands of dollars and years of their life that they can never get back.  It’s a heart breaking and particularly lonely experience.  They end up getting stuck and it’s a dream killer.  Worst of all, many (reeling from the pain of the experience) end up becoming embittered and sadly lose their love of music completely.

Nashville Artist Development University was created specifically to help talented young artists avoid this all too common process of failure and get them moving forward on a clear, structured, productive, sustainable and healthy path toward success.

A path that YOU can experience and walk along with them.

It’s time to remove fear from the thought of “my child pursuing music”.  Increase confidence.  And provide a clear plan for your child to grow and foster their musical talents in a safe and healthy environment.  Let’s talk about what that looks like…


1 – Guidance

We talked about how lonely the “doom loop” process often is for new aspiring artists.  At Nashville Artist Development University you are NEVER alone.  The first thing we do is to connect you with your Tribe Leader.  Your Tribe Leader is there to help you assess your personal goals, facilitate your education and connect you with other tribe members as well as the entire NADU Community.  When you’re feeling discouraged or confused, your Tribe Leader is there to encourage you and help you gain clarity.  When you have a question your Tribe Leader is there to get your question answered so that you can continue moving forward.

2 – Education

Our proprietary Career Acceleration Training Series consists of over 230 online educational videos taught by NADU Co-Founders Kory Brunson and Jason Wyatt.

Each video takes you step-by-step, in order, through the details of building your music career and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can learn at your own pace, from the safety of home, at the time(s) that work best for you.

This expansive series covers everything from your own Personal Development to helping educate your Support Team on how the industry works and how they can best support you.  There are specific lessons on how to launch your business, register with the State and IRS, liability insurance, taxes…as well as Networking within the music industry and even how to create a top quality Branding Deck and EPK to make sure you have the tools you need to capture your full potential, make sales and stand out in the market.

We provide documents, links, pre-made contracts and a plethora of other resources so that you never have to waste time trying to decide what you need or where to find it.

Our powerful Songwriting Evaluations Program radically accelerates your learning process so that you go from an average of 10 learning experiences per year to over 330.

Here’s how it works.  Instead of just 1 “learning moment” per month (1 person evaluating your song) you experience 2 industry experts evaluating 5 songs per week, 3 weeks per month, 11 months per year.  Increasing your learning opportunities from 10 per year to over 330 per year.

3 – Community

As part of our NADU Community you become part of our world wide Community of Artists that support one another.   Gathering together weekly (online) we talk, laugh, share resources, celebrate victories and avoid the pitfalls…together.  We have free conventions and workshops, writers retreats and performance evaluations.  You’ll meet new friends, co-writers and regularly connect with industry professionals.

Career Acceleration Training Series (Syllabus)

Our proprietary online education platform of over 230 instructional videos walks you through the process of building your career, step-by-step, in order.

The Series is based on a 5 year discovery and development program which ultimately concluded with the need to build the “12 Pillars Of Your Career”.

To better understand it, imagine the dome of the Jefferson Memorial.  Let’s say the dome is your career.  Now imagine the pillars holding that dome up.  What if there was only one pillar (like singing)?  Or maybe 2 or 3 (singing, playing, performing)?  How solid would that dome be?  It would be weak, crooked, probably leaning over on one side.

Over the 5 year period, we discovered that most Artists fail because they are only working on 2 or 3 pillars total, so their career ends up crooked, falling over on its side and never really goes anywhere because it’s not ‘fully’ supported.

In order for you to succeed, you need every pillar of your career to be strong.


It starts with you. We give you exercises and techniques to fully flush out and discover who you are as an Artist. It’s easy for Artists to skip this process, so they end up sounding like everyone else on the radio today and end up with what we call “Death By Vanilla”.

When you take the time to fully flush out who you are as an Artist, you immediately begin your career with a unique voice and style before you start the songwriting process.

ALSO… at NADU, we believe: “There is NO reason to become a successful artist if you end up a miserable person”.

We’ve all seen it time and time again. A famous artist or a not so famous artist, works hard, becomes successful and eventually loses themselves to their career. They lose important relationships in their life (like their family and parents) and ultimately it comes back around to destroy the very career that they sacrificed those relationships for.

At Nashville Artist Development University we hold personal development in very high esteem because we know that a healthy artist will have a healthy career.

The music business can be very difficult and even toxic.  Knowing who you are as a person, why you have value regardless of the ups and downs of your career and having a healthy approach to your life overall will give you sustainability and longevity in your career as well as the ability to actually enjoy your success with those you love the most.


Now that you’ve completed the Personal Development Pillar, having taken the time to truly discover your unique style and “voice” as an Artist, it’s time to start writing.

“It all starts with a song”.

Whether you are a Performing Artist searching for the perfect song(s) to cut on your next album, an aspiring Songwriter, or a Singer/Songwriter wanting to write and perform your own material, learning basic and advanced songwriting skills is VITAL to your success.

We start at the beginning and take you through the entire process of songwriting including terminology, structure, lyrics, hooks, melodies, originality, commercial viability and more.

Once you have a command of the basics we move you on to a highly Advanced Songwriting educational program.  You’ll learn theories and techniques from major Nashville Hit Songwriters that challenge even the most seasoned writer to raise their game and widen the scope of what they can create and present to the marketplace.

Remember, you don’t just have to write songs for yourself to get on the radio.  You can also write songs for other artists or film and tv.  There are many paths to revenue for talented artists who are on top of their Networking, Business and Legal game.

We spoke earlier about our Songwriting Evaluations Program.

We do weekly live song evaluations on our Facebook Mastermind Group (bringing our Artists through on rotation) so that you can watch and learn as several professionals evaluate multiple songs from multiple artists, not just yours.  (And if you’re not there live, it’s recorded so you can watch it later at your convenience.  Or re-watch it if you missed anything).

ALSO… in addition to those weekly live evaluations…we give you access to the evaluations for every song from every Artist in our roster each month, which exponentially increases your learning interactions from just a few learning experiences to hundreds, therefore compressing the normal time it takes to become a seasoned songwriter.

These songwriting evaluations are also a lot of fun and everyone involved really gets a kick out of connecting with one another and hearing so much new and diverse music.


“No one is Self-Made”.

So you’ve developed your own style, discovered more about yourself and begun to write some really great songs, now it’s time to start stepping out into your career right?

Well…before you take that first step, you will need those around you, your cheerleaders, your Support Team, to be adequately prepared to walk with you.

We’ve seen this FAR too many times.  An Artist goes full force into their career.  They’re passionate.  They’re talented.  They’re driven.  Their Support Team is so excited for them.  They want to help.  They want to watch their Artists dreams come true.  “We’re behind you all the way”!  Those unsung heroes in the background and side stage, cheering their Artist on and dreaming right along side them.

But wait…how do these wonderful and well-intentioned people know how the Music Industry actually works?  What experience do they have?  How do they know if what they heard in ‘that interview or that movie that one time’ is actually a good idea?  They want to help so badly but often they don’t know how.  So they try their best.  Creating another potential ‘trial and error doom loop’.

Often we’ve seen Support Team members ultimately end up hurting an Artists career.  It’s always done out of a sense of love and support but can actually end up disastrous because of a lack of understanding and education about the nuts and bolts of the Music Business.

More importantly, we’ve seen many relationships become strained, toxic, and even broken forever because what started with the best of intentions has gone off the rails.

At NADU, we’ve not only seen this, we’ve lived it.  And it’s terrible.

SO…we developed an educational Pillar to address this issue head on.

Instead of the Artist (who is struggling to figure out this business themselves) trying to educate and inform their Support Team on what to do next, WE remove that pressure from the Artist and shoulder that burden through this extensive series that the Support Team and Artist watch together.  It unifies their mission, gets them on the same page and strengthens their relationship.

We speak directly to the Support Team members’ role and position as a cheerleader.  We help to clarify a world that can often be confusing for them.  We remove fear and anxiety by helping them better understand the path that their Artist is on and how they as a Support Team can truly have a positive impact.

The career is accelerated but ultimately (and most importantly) those relationships are protected and much more equipped to survive and thrive throughout this journey.


You’ve got yourself figured out.  You’ve got some great songs.  And your Support Team is well educated and ready to go.  Time to go into the studio and record right?

Well, you don’t want to waste time and money recording the wrong things.  We can’t tell you how many Artists we send to the studio to re-record / fix their recordings.

You’ve already started to vastly increase your songwriting skills but you need to make sure YOU are ready to record.

Whether you’ve had professional vocal training already, if you’re just starting out, or somewhere in between, you want to make sure you’re singing and instrumentation are at TOP levels before spending the time and money to record.

In the Instrument and Vocal Training pillar we teach everything from the basic foundations of singing to advanced lessons on “how to survive a 6 hour live show and still sound great at the end of the night”.

Tone, breath control, vowel pronunciation, warm ups, hydration, salt, physical health, live vocals vs. studio vocals, ALL play a role in your ability to succeed and stand out as a working singer in the real world.

Learning how to sing with a metronome (in-ear click) and use “markers” with backing tracks will greatly increase your ability to work in the marketplace as will learning more technical aspects like “how to select the correct microphone to match your type of voice”.

Whether you perform with your instrument on a regular basis, or you never use an instrument live at all, it’s important to have a strong comprehension and mastery of your primary instrument and even multiple instruments.

Is your instrument (or others’) stepping on your vocals when you perform?  How do you communicate with other players effectively and ‘speak their language’ about their particular instrument and their role either live or in the studio?  What are the different chord and melody structures that you are using as a writer that either enhance, or take away from, your songs and your vocals?

The Instrument Training we provide sharpens and improves the most seasoned player as well as strengthens and supports the efforts of pure ‘singers’ who simply need a firm handle on the instruments and musicianship that they will be surrounding themselves with on a regular basis both on stage and in the recording studio.

Taking the time to do the work and following the education and exercises provided will accelerate your vocal performance and musical expertise so that when it’s time to record or when major performance opportunities present themselves…you are ready.


It’s starting to get really fun now.  The part we all love.  The recording studio.

But did you know (and does your Support Team know) that 90% of the success you’ll have in the recording studio happens BEFORE you walk in the door?

Pre-producing your session, knowing how to budget, knowing how to select the right players, knowing what to look for (and watch out for) with regard to using a Producer, organizing the tracks and which order they’ll be recorded, knowing how to find a great engineer, learning how to select and then use a Studio Mic verses a live microphone, what overdubbing is, what stacking is, basic and advanced Studio terminology, having a plan and a schedule for post recording, mixing, mastering…there are SO many things that go into a studio session that either create success or waste time and money.

In our Studio and Recording Pillar we give you the education and the step-by-step process not only for how to create great/inexpensive recordings and demos at home on your own system, but also how to manage, organize and budget for an outside studio session so that you are getting the highest quality product for the minimal amount of effort and cost.  In all cases, but especially when recording, knowledge is definitely power.

Speaking of quality and cost…?  NADU Artists receive discounts on recording, mixing and mastering costs as well as direct access to elite Nashville Studios and Engineers that we have carefully selected and developed strong ties with over the years.  AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN NASHVILLE TO USE THEM.

We can give you discounts and help you produce:

  • A simple (yet very high quality) Acoustic or Piano/Vocal Demo
  • Add drums, bass, guitar, keys – Full Production Demo
  • Radio ready, fully produced – Master In The Box
  • Record at one of Nashville’s historic Major Studios – Major Studio Master                   

Whether you’re planning a trip to Nashville to use one of many Legendary Recording Studios that we have access to (tracking rooms that have been the birthplace of major records for Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Dolly Parton, etc) or… if you just need to email your vocal .wav file to one of our engineers and have them finish a simple acoustic demo for you.

When you’re an NADU Artist, our reputation is on the line along with yours so we want to make sure your recordings always stand out in the market place and are known for having superior quality.

Pillar 6 – BRANDING

Wait.  What?  Why is this important?  Isn’t Branding just a font or a logo?

It’s actually so much more.  The reason it is critical that you take the time to do the first 5 pillars (and do them well) is so you can begin to build a Brand around yourself as an Artist.  (Even if you are just a pure Songwriter, skipping the process of understanding a creating a Brand around yourself can be detrimental to your success).

Understanding what a Brand is (it’s not simply a font or logo), knowing how to make a professional Branding Deck, knowing how the work you did in Pillar 1 – Personal Development now plugs into the creation of your Brand, knowing what to keep and what to throw away, understanding what a logo does or doesn’t do for you, learning how to be ‘sticky’… all plays into how much you will either excel and bring something truly unique to the market and to industry ‘play makers’, or… whether you will simply join the millions who have died a slow (previously mentioned) “death by vanilla”.

Our Branding Pillar video series starts by defining the idea of Branding and what it means.  We help you discover the “core you”.  We help you evaluate yourself and what will become your unique brand.

We educate you on the importance of Brand consistency as well as giving you the skills to avoid Brand confusion – a common mistake.

We provide an exhaustive insight into how branding is revealed during a video or photo shoot (something that is critical for you to understand before you waste time and/or money shooting the wrong things).

Branding can be one of the most nebulous parts of your career that is easy to over look, but done right, it is actually a major factor in what makes you stand out from the noise.  It creates a solid answer to that frequent and often dreaded question:

“So what makes you special?  What makes you stand out?”


Many Artists (and their Support Teams) are working hard, promoting themselves on social media platforms, finding ‘good to excellent results’ with regard to views/ likes / followers, etc.  However most seem to be finding ‘luke warm to no results’ in turning that activity into actual progress that gets traction and moves their career forward.

Just like promoting a ‘song’, as opposed to promoting ‘really well written song’ will bring you vastly different progress in your career, working hard with a flurry of activity promoting ‘content’ as opposed to promoting ‘really well crafted content’ will have the exact same effect.

In our Social Promotion Pillar series we teach you how to skip the long process of ‘trial and error’ by educating you on the techniques and approaches that we are seeing actually work in the marketplace.  We help you take the short cut around the ideas and methods that have failed thousands of frustrated Artists for the past several years.

For instance, there are specific angles when recording a video that can either propel you forward, or can pull you backwards.  Often we find Artists would be more successful doing ‘nothing’ than by putting out content that is proactively lowering their perceived value in the marketplace and moving their career in the wrong direction.

We talk about pre-meditated content that not only allows you to control your messaging and Brand (now that you’ve completed Pillar 6 and you have a firm grasp on what your Brand actually is) but also gives you more time freedom in your life so that neither you (nor your Support Team) become a slave to your Social Promotion efforts.

We give you concepts and templates for writing an effective BIO as well as Photography Do’s and Don’ts.  We educate our Artists on Live TV and Radio so that when they are doing Live Social Promotion -TV or Radio interviews- they are (again) moving their career forward instead of coming in unprepared and actually doing damage.

We talk about E.P.K.’s and why they are so very important.  How you can deploy them into the market place and how they can do SO much of the work for you, almost automating your process of getting high quality and high paying shows…IF…they are done correctly.  But…sorry to repeat it…so many Artists are actually doing the reverse and hurting themselves with their E.P.K.’s because they’re done wrong.

*In addition to our instructional video series we also bring in Social Promotion Experts to instruct our Artists via webinars (including interactive Q&A sessions) to help get you on the right track, quickly.


“Regardless of whether an artist stays in the music business long term or moves on to another career, a solid education in the concepts of business management will benefit them for life.”  NADU Co-Founder Kory Brunson.

Usually the largest vacuum we see with Artists that are passionately pursuing their dream is a lack of proper business structure.

The lack of understanding of (or honestly just the resistance to deal with) the drudgery of managing their careers as a business often keeps Artists perpetually shackled by the absolute reliance on someone else with a ‘real business’ to come along and “make them a star”.  There is certainly nothing wrong with a healthy partnership or a solid record deal but when Artists make this their only option they relinquish all power (and bargaining chips) with regard to controlling their career, their lives and their own destiny.

In our Business & Revenue Pillar we teach our Artists from STEP 1, how to launch, register, structure, budget and manage a proper ongoing, profitable business.

We teach our Artists the importance of presenting themselves not just as an Artist but also as a well-respected businessperson.  We remove the idea that being an Artist means that ‘poverty is purity’ or that somehow income dilutes authenticity.

Once our Artists have a firm grasp on the concepts of money, the absolute need for it, the healthy philosophies behind its potential use and ultimately the proper way to manage it, it’s time to go out and get it!

“Sales cures all”.  Well, maybe not always, but pretty darn close.  Whether you’re pitching songs for Film & Sync, or working to land that next high paying live event, having the proper sales tools, professional presentation, business infrastructure and resources to successfully and seamlessly partner with a variety of Industry ‘key holders’ (your customers) is critical to making sales, i.e. – making money.

We supply our Artists with links to register their business, copies of our Live Engagement Contracts so that they don’t have to start from scratch.  They receive free access to our pre-made Independent Contactor Forms to help protect their business and their personal assets from potential lawsuits.  We also save our Artists frustration, time and money by connecting them directly with pre-approved vendors that provide Music Industry specific liability protection (required by many high paying event planners and municipalities).  ALSO…they receive free access to our catalogue of over 250 Backing Tracks and pre-made Music Charts so that they can get out working right away.

Finally, once they’ve made the sale and deposited the check we help them direct the proper revenue distribution and gauge the appropriate net percentage of profits to themselves, their sub contractors and their business to provide health and profitability in order to ultimately ensure perpetual sustainability.


Often Artists jump the gun on this step, trying to meet and network before they’re ready.  They end up imprinting these new relationships with a bad first impression, inadvertently telling contacts: “Hi.  I’m new, I’m not ready, I’m SO far behind.  You don’t want to try to work with me right now”.  And that’s how that artist continues to exist in that person’s memory.

How much more POWERFUL is it to take some time to get yourself, your team, your songwriting, your singing, your recordings, your brand, your audience/fans and your business together first, so that when you introduce yourself to that Radio Station Program Director, that Event Planner or Film & Sync Agency, their first impression is:

“WOW! That Artist really has a lot going on!  There is something here.  A buzz.  That’s someone who really has their stuff together and is going places”.

That’s the impression you want to leave on people.  And that’s why we have you complete Pillars 1 – 8 first.

Inside of Pillar 9 we discuss the right ways (and the wrong ways) to approach people in the Music Industry.  We educate our Artists (and their Support Team) on where to look and how to find the right connections.  We dissect the proper balance that Artists need to have in order to fully understand and successfully manage the duplicitous nature of Industry relationships that often ebb and flow between ‘personal’ and ‘professional’.

We help you mature in your career much faster, by discussing insider etiquette that only otherwise seasoned Artists might fully grasp.  We discuss the process of setting meetings and the power and process of ‘follow up’.

We dive deep into the nature of Showcases, Songwriter Rounds, Publishers, Promoters, Booking Agents and other areas of the business that fully support your career.

You and your Support Team have probably heard, and said: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  Well honestly…it’s both.  The secret is, the better product (you/songs/recordings) and organization (business/support team/social promotion audience) that you have, the more likely it is that the higher quality Industry Professionals will be drawn to work with you.

Speaking of which…  At NADU we save you years of work by providing Monthly LIVE Webinars that connect you directly with Industry Professionals like hit Nashville Songwriter Mason Douglas.  Film and Sync ‘master’ Corey Lee Barker.  Booking agent and Artist Manager Cody Payne.  Multi Platinum Artist/Songwriter and Radiate Music President Ian Eskelin.  Touring Manager Eric Flores.  The list goes on.  As an NADU Artist you receive immediate access to these professionals that will help teach you what they’ve learned and answer your questions.


You’ve built yourself, your songs, your team, your recordings, your brand, your audience, your business AND you’ve networked with the right people so that now, new opportunities are opening up, including what we all love…PERFORMING LIVE!

But just like Studio and Recording, SO much of a successful live show begins weeks or even months before the event.

  • How do you know if you’re putting together the right set list?
  • How do you find/audition/select/resource a band?
  • How do you run a successful rehearsal?
  • How do you work toward a future with (believe it or not) no rehearsals?
  • How do you use Backing Tracks?   Standard Charts?  Nashville Number Charts?
  • What about In Ear Systems?
  • What about PA/Sound Systems?

Then…once you actually step onto the stage…

  • What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong?
  • What’s your band doing right/wrong?  How is it affecting YOUR brand?
  • Are you truly connecting with the audience?
  • What are some tips to sell more merchandise while on stage?
  • Are you giving your audience a ‘clear next step’?
  • Banners are SUPER important and it has nothing to do with vanity.  Why?
  • Are your transitions smooth and impactful?  How do you tell?
  • When the show is over, how do you follow up with your new fans?

There are SO many nuances to a successful Live Event it can take most Artist YEARS to figure it all out.  We give you the answers to all of these questions right now, today.  We provide the template for how to manage performances correctly, insight on how to read an audience and how to properly prepare ahead of time for a successful live show.

We also stay on top of current trends/needs for our Artists.  For instance, we recently gave a 2 hour highly detailed webinar detailing “How to successfully manage and sell Drive-In Concerts to municipalities” so now, our Artists are making money, performing live, during a global pandemic.  That’s what we do at NADU.

Live performance is probably the most enjoyable thing we do.  But it’s so much more fun when: 1 – You’re not stressing out three minutes before going on stage, because everything was already forecasted and taken care of weeks ago.  2 – The band, the stage crew, the audience, your voice, EVERYTHING is firing on all cylinders.  Then…it’s simply magic.

Pillar 11 – TOURING

“Wait?  I don’t have a tour bus.  I’m just starting out”.

When we say ‘Touring’ we don’t just mean a major national tour.  Touring is everything from playing from club to club to doing multiple local festivals to doing fly out dates around the country or around the world to major national tours and everything in between.

Touring is playing multiple performances each year in multiple venues.   From the smallest to the largest shows there are foundational principles that are always present and must be obeyed.

  • What is the budget?
  • How is the budget properly split out between all participating entities?
  • Is there a Backline?  If so, is it adequate?
  • What stage size and power sources will we have?
  • How do you put together a Stage Plot and Input List?
  • How do we properly communicate with the Production manager or Venue owner?
  • Is there a Hospitality Rider, if so what’s on it?
  • Are we doing Call Sheets?
  • What are the logistics of getting everyone to and from the event?
  • Why is parking always such a huge thing?  How do I overcome that?
  • What about selling Merchandise? Does the venue take a portion?
  • Posters?  Are those still important?
  • What’s the #1 factor in playing out/touring……?

Not only does our online video series answer all of these questions but through our weekly webinars and monthly guest speakers (like touring manager Eric Flores) we address any current / additional questions that may come up.  When our Artists have a question, they get an answer.

Touring, seeing the world, meeting new people, creating new memories and visiting new places is undoubtedly one of the major factors that magnetizes us as Artists to this profession.  But the logistics of managing a moving / working tour (at any scale) can be daunting.  The frustrations can become so great that something that was supposed to be incredibly fulfilling ends up draining you and making you bitter.

At NADU our Artists are resourced with everything they need (including insight on the #1 factor – “Selecting the right people”) to make touring at any level a highly rewarding, profitable, soul filling experience.

Pillar 12 – RELEASE & RADIO

Please don’t skip over the first word and confuse this Pillar with simply “Radio”.  In todays ever-expanding digital marketplace whenever you as an Artist “Release” your song (whether it’s on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Instagram, CD Baby, etc…) you are doing what Radio also does (and has historically done)… releasing your music/brand/product out to the masses.

In this Pillar we expand on the proven strategies to take all of the work you’ve done so far and truly “go global” with your dream.

We discuss the nuances and differentiators between Terrestrial Radio, Satellite Radio, Online Radio, etc…  We educate our Artists on the different ways to approach each type of station.  Where to find them.  How to work with them.  And where the low hanging fruit is when they are starting out.

We talk about how the right Brand and quality of Merchandising you’re using to introduce and ingratiate yourself to different stations can greatly affect how you are perceived and ultimately received (or rejected).

We go into detail on how to find and discover the correct market for your Brand and your music so that you’re not wasting years of trial and error failing to find those places where you’re most likely to connect with your most devoted fans.

We have an entire instructional video on using YouTube, Spotify and other ways to bring your music to the masses.

We go into finite logistical detail on how to Release your music into the world of Film & Sync (where there are over 8 million opportunities each year to get your song placed into a Film or TV Series).

We have online webinars from elite experts from the world of Film & Sync.  Our recent webinar with Corey Lee Barker (over 700 cuts in film and tv) is currently available on our private Mastermind platform.  Corey is also a recent visitor to our Mastermind Group, posting helpful hints and answering questions from time to time.

So you did it!  You got through all 12 Pillars.  So are you DONE?  Of course not, you’re just beginning.  But now, you are SO much more well resourced and further down the road than most Artists who consistently struggle to find their way.  Who spend most nights with many questions and few solid answers.

This is just the beginning.  But a fantastic LAUNCH for you.  Onto the next steps…


Cheat Codes is actually the most populated area our Career Acceleration Training Series.  Sometimes we have things that we think about, or things that are happening in real time, in the real world, that only need a 1-2 minute explanation.

With Cheat Codes we consolidate over 40 years of cumulative, real world experience from our current/active touring, songwriting and Producer careers into this fun little stack of helpful tips, tricks, insights and little things you can do to make your career (and life in music) work better. Some of the 38 video vignette titles include:

  • “Are you busy? Or productive?”
  • “How to respond to compliments”
  • “Cautions in bringing family/friends into your business”
  • “Quick Vocal warm up, with no sound!”
  • “Hearing Melodies”
  • “What is a DAW”
  • “Trying out mics in the studio”
  • “ – a SUPER handy tool”
  • “Banner Etiquette”
  • “Talking to and tipping your sound man”
  • “The Music Stand Warning Track”
  • “How to sing the National Anthem”
  • “Incidentals”
  • “Why it’s critical to check into the hotel room on the WAY to the show”
  • “Using the term ‘stylistic feedback’ to keep your sound man from hating you”

           …and so many more.

This fun, quick, bonus series compliments and punctuates the in depth training we do throughout the entire 12 Pillar series.

As most videos are 1-2 minutes long, most Artists find it’s just a fun way to learn a little something new every now and then.

We add to the Cheat Codes video series often, as new ideas and real world instances present themselves.



Your Tribe Leader will be checking in with you on a regular basis to see where you’re at with your educational progress.  Making sure you know where every resource you need is located, what events we have coming up next and to make sure you’re on track!

Also, if you have a question your Tribe Leader is there to respond back and get you the answers you need so you can move forward.

No ‘stuck points’!  We are here to keep you un-stuck!


We gather together online each week as a Community of Artists with NADU Co-Founders Kory Brunson and Jason Wyatt to talk about any “stuck points”, to celebrate any wins that are happening, we also go over the upcoming schedule and Kory and Jason educate on any current resources or information that Artists need.

As was previously mentioned in the Songwriting Pillar, every NADU Artists gets a song evaluation every month.  We bring Artists through our weekly live webinar (on rotation) and evaluate their song live.  ALSO…we give each Artist access to the evaluations for EVERY song from EVERY Artist, greatly expediting and cumulating their educational process.


Each month we bring in a special guest to speak to our Artists.  Someone who is currently/actively working in the industry.  Guest Speakers include:

  • Hit Songwriter: MASON DOUGLAS (written with: 3 Doors Down, Old Dominion, Sam Hunt)

“How to write a hit song”

  • Grammy Nominated Artist, Producer and Owner of Radiate Music: IAN ESKELIN

“Why people quit the music business, and how to avoid it”

  • Social Media expert and Owner of Global Rising Song: KEITH MOHR

“Making Impactful Social Media”

  • Songwriter: COREY LEE BARKER (Over 700 placements in Film and TV)

“Getting your music placed into Film & Sync”

  • Booking Agent / Manager from Conway Entertainment Group: CODY PAYNE

“What booking Agents are looking for”

  • From Tinderbox Radio Promotions: JON DELANGE

“Promoting your music to Radio Stations”

  • Touring Manager: ERIC FLORES

“From solo to global, how to manage any size tour”

  • Nashville Professional Branding Coach: LOREN JOHNSON

“How to discover and create YOUR unique Brand”


Who doesn’t like the idea of going to Summer Camp?  These are opportunities to get together as a group, to ‘hang’ in person with folks you’ve been sharing life with online and to learn more and grow as an Artist.  Events such as:

  • Songwriting Weekends

Gather together as we do hands on Songwriting evaluations, break out sessions, co-writing exercises, we eat, laugh and enjoy the process of learning and making music.

  • Live Performance Evaluation

We provide the stage.  The band.  The PA system.  And your fellow NADU Artists as the audience.  We evaluate and teach Live Performance, well…live.

Everyone in attendance gets to learn, not just from their own performance but from each performance and evaluation.  A life changing experience.

  • E.P.K. Creation Event

Again, we provide the stage. The band. The PA system.  The audience (your fellow NADU Artists).  AND… the video crew.  We help you select the songs, shoot your video, and coach your performance (as well as the video angles) so you end up with a perfectly directed, TOP notch E.P.K. Video (for a fraction of the cost of doing it alone) that will get you results in your career.


ULTIMATELY – It’s up to you.

We will provide you with hundreds of instructional videos (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), personal guidance from you Tribe Leader, support and encouragement.  We can save you years of heartache and thousands of dollars by cautioning against bad ideas and flawed directions.  We can connect you with opportunities and Industry insiders.  Most importantly, we can bring you in and welcome you as part of our Tribe, our Community, our NADU Family.

But we simply can’t make you become successful.

How disingenuous we would appear if we guaranteed every Artist that “We can make you successful.  All you have to do is join and we’ll do the rest”.  That’s simply not reality.  And it’s not believable.  Any program (or Producer) that tells you that…is someone that you should be extraordinarily skeptical of.

The truth is and the good news is…it’s all up to you.  You are in control.

Just like any guitar teacher or fitness instructor, we watch some Students thrive and some students fail within the exact same system.  It’s simply a matter of which Artists did the work, implemented the ‘action items’ and which ones didn’t.

Can we pause for a moment on the galactic importance of the word “implemented”?

Imagine you want to play guitar, so you watch 45 hours of beginner to advanced guitar instruction in 1 weeks time.  Would you be a Master Guitarist at the end of that 1 week?  Of course not.  It seems self-evident, but occasionally students arrive at NADU with this misconception because they are (understandably) wanting a quick path to success.

Our program at NADU does offer a much quicker and healthier path to success.  But (just like a guitar instructor) it will take time and the final result depends on how much work and the degree of quality each individual Artist applies to their career.

Artists that dig in, stay focused, apply themselves and successfully implement what they’re taught will undoubtedly have a MUCH faster path to success and (more importantly) be able to manage and enjoy their success when it arrives.

You have something to give to the world and you have a world of opportunities that you want to experience.  At NADU we are here to get you there faster and healthier.

You have one life.  Follow your dream, but do it smart.  We’re here to help.