Founded in 2016, the Notre Dame Legal Clinic offers students the opportunity to engage in practical legal education, with a focus on promoting justice for all and serving others. Law students enrolled in the Law in Context course have the opportunity to articling at the Legal Clinic, work under the supervision of the course coordinator and practice law. Students are able to develop their legal and professional skills while developing a much better understanding of the needs of members of our community who face major challenges in accessing the legal system. GALILEE (Group Alternative Live-In Legal Education Experience) is highly recommended. Students spend their Christmas holidays with inner-city citizens to learn about the legal needs of the urban poor. The program lasts approximately 10 days and continues into the spring with a weekend retreat, giving students the opportunity to discuss and share ideas about their experiences. (2) Send us an e-mail to with a brief description of your request. Upon receipt of this information, a resource review is conducted. Notre Dame Law School was the first to offer clinical legal education when it established a legal aid clinic in 1951, and the law school continues to be a model for today`s high-quality education. If you require legal assistance from the Legal Clinic, an appointment must be made in advance by: This program offers students the opportunity to live downtown for a few days to experience the legal needs of the urban poor. One of the main objectives of the University of Notre Dame in Australia is to train students to the profession in the context of Catholic faith and values.

The Faculty of Law recognizes the importance of providing practical legal education and preparing ethical students for the legal profession who possess excellent communication, research, problem-solving and professionalism skills and characteristics. Students live downtown for a few days to learn about the legal needs of the urban poor. For more information, please contact Professor Teresa Phelps at 574/631-5763. In Notre Dame Law School clinics, second- and third-year students receive academic credits and offer free legal services to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits. Our means test assesses whether you are entitled to free one-time legal advice based on your income, wealth and other factors. If you fail our means test, we will direct you to another location. Other places that may be able to help include: The mission of Notre Dame Clinical Law Center is to provide effective learning opportunities for law students in the core competencies of legal practice through (1) client advocacy, (2) teaching, and (3) one-on-one mentoring. In fulfilling this mission, the Clinical Law Center will strive to address the unmet legal needs of the poor and underrepresented, consistent with the Judeo-Christian tradition of working for social justice. The clinics also provide an invaluable service to the South Bend area by representing residents who cannot afford legal aid. This course examines the situation of the poor in the U.S.

legal system and includes fieldwork and clinical work with clients in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. For more information, please contact Professor Tom Broden at 574/631-8737. The Legal Clinic is led by a team of highly dedicated faculty and supported by alumni and members of the legal profession who generously give of their time and expertise to volunteer and provide free legal advice and information to community members in need. The Legal Clinic focuses primarily on family law, but has also provided advice on criminal and commercial matters. Legal advice is by appointment only and we invite community members to visit the Legal Clinic`s website for more information. Notre Dame Law School is proud to have a generous loan repayment assistance program to help young female graduates pursue legal careers in the public interest and public service. Notre Dame has a history of encouraging its graduates to use their education for the common good – a responsibility that flows directly from the university`s Catholic mission. Since the program`s inception in 2001, the law school has awarded more than $3 million to graduates who have held various public interest and public service positions in the United States and abroad. Eligible graduates may receive loan repayment assistance for up to 10 calendar years, not limited to the first 10 years after graduation. Services: General Civilian; Assisted Immigration Districts: Elkhart Kosciusko Marshall StJoseph URL: Phone: (574) 631-6704 Fax: (574) 631-6725 Notre Dame Clinical Law Center does not handle the types of cases not listed above or on the websites of individual clinics, nor does it provide general legal assistance or advice to individuals unrepresented by the Clinical Law Center.

Organized by the Center for Civil & Human Rights to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to research in litigation using universal jurisdiction laws. Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy funds 6 to 12 students per year ($2500 to $4500), with funding through student fundraisers and $25,000 from the law school.