The answers are not obvious. Lawyers must resolve them. “Some of our clients were not saints, but no lawyer can dictate morality to his client. This book is an amazing guide for someone who has studied a course in economics/finance and needs to go through the business law course material. This is an incredible resource for someone who is a business owner and needs to be strong in business law to run their business well. One of the readers working in law mentioned that this book is very comprehensive and gave a detailed explanation of all the basics of business law. Bingham tries to provide an excellent starting point for understanding it; that the “rule of law” is a principle of the unwritten constitution of the United Kingdom. This means that politicians must govern within the limits of their power, and that the law must apply equally to all and be easily understood so that it is followed by the majority. It then sets out other principles crucial to the rule of law and advances each reader in its modules on public law. Add these books to your reading list if you`re looking for precedent or just want to investigate key cases that have shaped the U.S. justice system. I think it`s really sad. In these nightly times, more than ever, we need people who can think right – and if you didn`t learn that skill in school, then law school is a great way to catch up.

In addition, first-year (1L) law students may find it helpful to read books that prepare them for their time in law school, as the first semesters tend to be the most stressful and important in terms of grades. Some books can also provide 1L students with guidance on preparing study materials, time management, and exam tips so that they have a high chance of success in the first year of study. If you are ever concerned about contract law in your law school, this is a must for you. Not only does this simplify the concepts, but it also teaches you how to draft the contract. Readers around the world who have read this book have mentioned that it is the best book on contract design. When it comes to books that all law students should read, many law schools recommend “1L of a Ride” (2009). Law professor Andrew McClurg lays out everything a new law student needs to know in this comprehensive, easy-to-understand book. During your legal career, you will spend a lot of time reading and discussing the fiery opinions of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Upon graduation, you`ll spend a lot of time reading and referencing books by attorney Bryan Garner as you try to improve as a legal writer. You can use it as training material to teach your juniors how to write contracts, and you can keep the book at your desk for future reference. If you dream of becoming a transactional lawyer, this is a must for you. The content of the book will also help you if you are acting as a litigator on behalf of your clients.

From the first code of law – which mentions beer – to the ancient Athenian rule that lawyers had 10 gallons on the water meter to plead their case, this book explores the humorous and lighter side of law, making it a must-have for law students. These non-fiction books can give you expert insight into the basic legal concepts and origins of law school, which can help any aspiring lawyer. Dickens was arguably one of the greatest storytellers who ever lived, and Bleak House is often cited as his best work. The story revolves around a court case involving a number of wills, and most take place in London`s legal districts. Not only is it one of the greatest books ever written, but it is also of particular relevance to law students, as it provides insight into the character and tradition of the legal profession. When you enter your 1L, it can be helpful to prepare yourself by reading books that can help you better organize your time, understand what to expect from the law school experience, and perform better in your courses. This is the first book I read when I decided to study law. It is also the only one I put on my personal statement when I applied to Oxford. I think this proves that it`s better to read and enjoy a small number of high-quality books than to try to brag about hundreds of things you don`t understand. Good law books are accessible, but the best law books find a way to entertain even dry topics like corporate law. Business Bribes contains a collection of captivating true stories that show the dark side of courtrooms. Stories of commercial corruption and its impact on legal opinion in the United States and around the world offer lessons in corporate law.

We hope our list will provide the most comprehensive answer to the question “What books should a law student read?” Whether you are a law student or an experienced lawyer, these law books will be useful to everyone. Law students and lawyers read A LOT. Get a head start by opening some of the books discussed above and good luck! These books will help you better understand criminal law and discuss crime, complicity and punishment. The U.S. Supreme Court is a very complex entity. Fortunately, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court offers an in-depth examination of the cherished third branch, its importance to American democracy, and how judges have interpreted the U.S. Constitution. One of today`s most popular books, The Handmaid`s Tale is set in a dystopian society that offers women limited freedoms and rights. The books cover important legal issues such as equality and the role of religion in politics that are relevant to any potential lawyer. The following books may be fiction, but the legal issues and concepts presented are essential for any law student or aspiring lawyer. One of the best books on law, this textbook is a guide for thinking lawyers to understanding the law and the thought processes behind it. It explains in a very accessible way how to think about arguments and arguments and how to analyze legal cases with concepts such as the prisoner`s dilemma and deer hunting.

Primarily designed to encourage you to think critically and analyze the specifics of problems, each chapter is structured around a key debate to stimulate deeper reflection.