Legal Update No. 27 (08/02) Interrogation during an OIL investigation; Robbery requires some form of violence or violence; Die “Schlosslehre”; exception for open fields and protected curvatures; a successful plaintiff in a revocation action; Drug use is not a defense against criminal activity unless it was a specific intentional crime and the defendant had an unpredictable reaction to medication or other legal substances. Legal Update No. 11 (11/00) New Law on the Sale of Nitrous Oxide; Harsher penalties for methamphetamine; Abandoned vehicles on long-distance lines; The authority of police officers from neighbouring States; School officials may request information about the vehicle; Legal abandonment of newborns; The smell of intoxicants can lead to pre-trial detention; Gamma-butyrolactone is illegal for human consumption. Legal Update No. 71 (01/09) Weapons Act: possession of another person`s pistol; Revocation of the CPA; definition of “legal resident”; firearms-free areas; new residents with out-of-state CPLs; possession of pistols by non-residents; Judges and unarmed zones The end of the school year can lead to “seniority” and high-level pranks that prompt school officials to refuse a student`s diploma as a disciplinary measure. School officials who do so may be exposed to legal risks because withholding a degree from graduation deprives a person of constitutionally protected property. The law provides exemptions for certain persons and additional exemptions are contained in MCL 28.422a and MCL 28.432. A person with a valid Michigan CPL does not need to purchase a license; However, he must still register the pistol after purchasing it or otherwise acquiring it using a pistol sale (MCL 28.422a). The violation is a civil violation. In addition, a person holding a valid CPL may carry, possess, use or carry another person`s duly registered pistol (MCL 28.432). Purchasers of pistols must have their copy of the firearms purchase or sale licence with them if they are transporting, using, possessing and transporting the pistol 30 days after acquiring the pistol.

These registrations are commonly referred to as registration certificates or green cards. Public servants are reminded that after 30 days, it is not necessary to have records in their possession or to retain either. MCL 28.425o states that a person with a valid CPL must not carry a pistol hidden in a gun-free area. The first offence is a civil violation of the state. Below is a list of premises included in the statutes (excluding parking):  School or school property, except for a parent or guardian who drops off or picks up a child and whose weapon is kept in the vehicle  Public or private daycare  Arena or sports stadium  A bar or tavern where the sale and consumption of spirits by the glass is the main source of income ( does not apply to owners or employees of the Company).  Any property or facility owned or operated by a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or other place of worship, unless authorized by the presiding officer.  An entertainment facility with a capacity of 2,500 seats or more  A hospital  A dormitory or classroom of a community college, college or university  A casino ( R 432.1212 , MCL 432.202 ) Note that the above law applies to CPL holders who carry a concealed pistol. If the FPM holder carries an unconcealed pistol, the law does not apply. As stated above, the illegal premises listed in MCL 750.234d do not apply to persons with a valid CPL.

Therefore, a person with a valid CPL can create an unhidden legal update number. 89 (09/11) Criminal Law: The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does not authorize the sale of marijuana; Michigan`s Medical Marijuana Act requires that the physician`s testimony be given prior to illegal conduct so that the affirmative defense can apply and the person is safe from arrest, prosecution or punishment. Legal Update No. 26 (07/02) Resistance, obstruction and assault of public servants, now under the new MCL 750.81d; “Adequate” assistance in the search for defence witnesses; What is needed to force into a house; Illegal possession of a controlled substance may be real or implied; The crime of flight and flight does not require a certain speed or distance. As high school graduation approaches, school officials should be aware of the following legal issues. Pistol. Exceptions to the above laws can be found in MCL 750.231a. Such an exception allows pistols to be transported in a vehicle for “lawful” purposes. A person without a CPL or otherwise exempt (e.g., a police officer) who transports a pistol in a vehicle to an area where they intend to conduct “open transport” may be in violation of MCL 750.227. Carrying hidden weapons MCL 750.227 also makes it an offence for a person to carry a concealed pistol on or around his person, unless he is exempt under MCL 750.231 or MCL 750.231a. Full invisibility is not required. Carrying a firearm in a holster or belt outside of clothing is not carrying a hidden weapon.

To carry a gun under a coat is to carry a hidden weapon. Op. Atty. Gen. 1945, O-3158. According to the Court of Appeal in People v. Reynolds, a gun is hidden if it is not observed by those who observe the suspect casually, as people do in the normal course of life and associations of life. 38 Mich App. 159 (1970).

Firearms Act MCL 28.422 provides that a person may not purchase, carry, possess or transport a pistol in Michigan without first obtaining a permit to purchase and register the pistol.