Registration of companies in Iraq. Corporate Legal Services, Baghdad Erbil: Miran Law Firm has many years of experience in setting up companies in Iraq, registering and setting up various types of companies and business units, as well as branches in Iraq/Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. We also assist in the transfer of shares and documents, as well as the registration of representative offices for foreign companies in Iraq. Legal advice for oil and gas: Iraq is a country rich in oil as well as other natural resources, and Iraq is one of the founding countries of OPEC. Therefore, both in central Iraq and in the Kurdistan region, there are many laws on oil, gas and other natural resources. As Miran Legal, it is important for us to contribute to the legal world with our ideas. In this context, our teammates, in addition to taking care of our customers; contributes to the legal world by conducting intellectual studies. Miran Law Firm helps oil and gas companies meet their legal requirements. We have good experience with international and domestic oil and gas companies working with them and providing them with all legal services. Miran Legal, founded by lawyer Mustafa AKSARAYLI in 2017 in Istanbul, provides legal advice to our clients, operating in more than 12 sectors abroad and in the country, with our staff specialized in more than 22 branches of law since its establishment. Since the day Miran Legal was founded, it has grown steadily and become one of the most reputable law firms required by Turkey.As of our type of service, we not only provide our clients with the legal advice services they need; We also offer consulting services to improve their business by closely analyzing the field of activity of our clients and offering different perspectives as well as our professional experience in many industries.

We serve our clients with our energetic and experienced legal team and with consultants who are pioneers and decision-makers in their field. With the fusion of talent and experience, we offer the best service to our local and international clients. As Miran Legal, we try to achieve the best quality of service with fast, efficient and solution-oriented high-tech solutions. Our experienced team carries out all the commercial and private actions of our customers. When carrying out the aforementioned activities, the scope and nature of the legal relationship are taken into account, possible disputes are anticipated and, in this context, any disputes are resolved by compromise. In this regard, our law firm aims to resolve disputes between individuals and / or institutions by operating the preventive legal mechanism before the judicial phase. Our preventive attitude towards our cases leads us to solve problems quickly and efficiently. In litigation that must be resolved through the courts, the current dispute is assessed in light of the evidence and practice of the Supreme Court and the potential benefits and risks of legal proceedings are analyzed.

After the analysis of the return and risks, the strategy and the way to pursue the case, our clients are informed by our special reporting system and the entire legal resolution process is carried out with our clients. We would like to point out that the statistics we have kept since our inception show that we resolve our cases at least 8 times faster than other companies. This statistic is calculated by our high-tech software based on artificial intelligence created by Miran Legal. These systems we use allow our clients to follow their case step by step if they want to follow up. In order to create quick solutions, to include the solution process as quickly as possible, we have partners in the national and international field. In this context, in addition to our full-time legal team, we benefit from the ongoing support of sworn financial advisors, banking and financial specialists, tax auditors, occupational health and safety experts, labour inspectors and academics specialized in their fields according to the needs of our clients. Miran Legal is aware of the demands of the globalized world; and is a member of many legal organizations abroad to provide better service to our clients and gain a respected position in the global legal world. Our extensive network systems deliver benefits to our customers.

Because we, as Miran Legal, take care of the client`s benefits and not only meet their legal needs, we try to support their work and add value to their business. In addition to legal services, Miran Legal also takes responsibility for eliminating inequalities of disadvantaged groups and solving social problems by being sensitive to social issues. We are actively working on our corporate action plan and creating projects and organizing events on this topic. We support contracts and international organizations in accordance with our corporate social responsibility plans. We support the principles of women`s empowerment. In this project, we support the entry of women into the labour market. This understanding reflected our HR process, which is why 78% of our colleagues are women. We are also a supporter and the first and only signatory of the law firms of the United Nations Global Compact. Because we, as Miran Legal, exist with yesterday`s experience, we are preparing today to leave a sustainable world to our children. Of course, we care about our clients` feedback, but we also care about our colleagues` thoughts about Miran Legal. That`s why we conducted a survey in our company with Great Place to Work and our colleagues are happy to work with us at a rate of 90%.

The work of our firm has been evaluated by Legal500, one of the largest legal review institutions in the world, based in England, and following the evaluation, Miran Legal has been recognized as one of the best law firms in the world, Miran Legal has also been rated by Benchmark Litigation, an international rating and rating institution. in the list of the best law firms on the topic “Dispute Resolution” in Türkei.In recognition of the important work we have done in the field of “Insurance, Enforcement and Insolvency Law and Commercial Law”, in which we operate widely nationally and internationally, we were nominated by Corporate INTL for 3 awards in 2022 and received the Law Firm of the Year award in these 3 categories. As Miran Legal, we provide our clients with services in the fastest way to solve their problems. Miran Legal named “Law Firm of the Year” by Corporate INTL Miran Legal named pioneer firm by Benchmark Litigation Car accidents happen every day in Orange County. If you have been injured in an accident, contact our car accident lawyer immediately. Nicole Dolle has dedicated 100% of her practice to personal injury management since graduating from Chapman University`s Fowler School of Law in 2013. Nicole specializes in helping clients who have suffered severe physical damage, including fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and permanent scars and disfigurements. As Miran Legal, we have been rated and ranked by an international rating and rating institute. Aria grew up knowing he was going to be a lawyer, but he didn`t know what kind of lawyer he would be until he was 18. When he was in high school, Aria was stopped at a red light when a drunk driver hit his car. Aria began practicing law as an assault attorney after earning a J.D. from Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

During law school, Aria was a member of the Honorary Committee of the Scott Court of Oral Argument, where he honed his written and oral advocacy skills. He was also chosen to try moot court competitions on appeal. Aria has received numerous awards in recognition of her achievements as an elite assault lawyer. His languages include English, Farsi and Spanish, and he holds a bachelor`s degree in English and political science with a concentration in international relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara. If you`ve had an accident, you need an accident lawyer who knows how to protect you. At Miran Law Firm, you just have to send us a line, we will take care of the rest of your behavior. Free consultations 24 hours a day. Call: (949) 326-5000 John Rajaee was admitted to the California Bar in 2008, and before becoming an accident lawyer, he began his career as a criminal defense attorney representing large corporations. California is home to some of the most dangerous highways. We specialize in complex motorcycle accidents.

Read more His main settlement was for $2 million in an illegal death and assault case. This victory qualified Aria as a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Highly recommended by previous clients, we are ready with the tireless representation you deserve.